AirAmbulance and GIVE BACK BOX

We’re excited to introduce Give Back Box, who have made donating pre-loved clothes more convenient.

Who are Give Back Box?

Founded by Monika Wiela in Chicago in 2012, the inspiration for Give Back Box came when she encountered a homeless man who was asking for shoes. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to get a pair to him before he had moved on later that day, but it opened her eyes to how many empty boxes were stored at a factory she was working at.

After further research, the realisation of the number of clothes that end up in landfill birthed the idea to tie the two together; help those in need and reduce waste.

How does Give Back Box Work?

It couldn’t be much simpler! Find an empty box that suits your needs and sort out all of the quality, pre-loved items that you want to pack up.n Next, visit the website to order a FREE post label that will be emailed to you. Your label will highlight which charity will benefit from your donations.n Print off and attach to your box.

Drop off at your nearest Post Office then sit back and relax in the knowledge you’ve done something wonderful.